Corporate responsibility should be important to every successful company and Beattie, the creative communications group is no different.

Corporate values, equality in the workplace and environmental investment and values are not just nice to have – they are part of the lifeblood of Beattie.

We could wax lyrical about our CR investments and achievements but it’s probably enough to condense our activities into a handful of CR highlights.


Our research shows that environmental issues have slipped down the priority list of consumers. People are much more concerned these days with the economy than the environment.

Nonetheless, at Beattie we are continuing to focus on the environment and we were proud to be the first marketing group in the UK to become a significant generator of green electricity. By investing in a mini solar farm at our media village in Scotland, we have slashed our electric power bill across the entire group.

Other environmental initiatives include recycling across all our offices and a serious focus on teleconferencing to reduce air and road travel. Indeed, much of our training and development programmes are now delivered remotely.

Training & Development

We are proud of our lifelong learning culture at Beattie as we recognise the need to remain at the forefront of the marketing revolution. Only if our people are ahead of the game, can we ensure our clients outperform their rivals in the commercial marketplace.

As a result, each team member is offered ongoing opportunities to benefit from an extensive programme of in-house and external training and development initiatives. 

Equality In The Workplace

We operate in a sector where women outnumber men, so it should surprise no one that 76% of our senior management team are women while at middle management level the ratio goes up to four to one.

Charitable Giving

We encourage our people to get involved with the charitable sector. It’s understandable, therefore, that many of our senior executives serve on the boards of prominent charities.

In addition, we support more than 20 charities chosen by our people through a match gifting scheme.


Ethics go beyond the law to embrace the spirit of the law. We, therefore:

  • Comply with the law as well as self-regulatory codes of conduct in each country in which we operate
  • Will not knowingly support marketing activities that mislead consumers or are offensive in terms of race, religion, nationality, age, disability or gender
  • We will not represent clients who profit from business activities that abuse human rights

I trust you will be encouraged by this short CR summary and I would be delighted to receive your comments and suggestions for improving what we do.